A taxing day

The numbers fly in-and-out of my thoughts, bumping into each other, zooming this way and that. I can’t stop stressing over things like taxable income, tax withholdings, standard deductions, and tax brackets. If they sound like jargon, you would be right. Now I’m sure the accountants and tax professionals in the crowd are salivating, but … More A taxing day

Meditate on this!

I close my eyes and slow my breathing. I’m trying to be in the moment, but I can’t stop wondering if I’m following the directions the way I had learned. I can’t get rid of the worry that I’m doing it wrong. I’m full of questions. What should I be thinking about, should I let my … More Meditate on this!

In this house

My wife has a simple wall hanging that she picked up on sale from Target or TJ Maxx or some home goods store. I’m not good at guessing prices, but I can’t imagine that she paid much for it, maybe $20 to $40. It’s about 10 x 20 long and hangs above our television set … More In this house

The Voyage of Life

Black clouds were moving in on the National Mall in Washington D.C. and heavy rain looked like it was going to drop at any moment. My girlfriend and I were unprepared. When we had left in the morning, neither of us had bothered to listen to the news to see what the weather was calling … More The Voyage of Life