Episode 10: The Power of Intuition

In Episode 10 of the podcast, Wynne talks with healer, meditation teacher, and artist Deirdre Wilcox. We talk about Deirdre’s journey to become a healer, how she used her time undergoing treatment for breast cancer to integrate all that she’d been taught about the mind-body-spirit. We also delve into the power of our intuition and why we mistrust it, why we need to place meditation up there on the list of daily habits like flossing, the danger of going shopping after meditation class, and how transformation might be exactly what we need to live our deepest and best lives. At the very end of our conversation, we left in an outtake where Wynne offer herself up as an example of how mulishly resistant humans can be when it comes to tackling things that could make our lives better. … More Episode 10: The Power of Intuition

Doing the Best I Can

Ah, Frank, I feel you. There are many days in which “I’m doing the best I can” is what I mutter to the Universe…repeatedly. But what about my view of what others are doing? I was in a meeting the other day with a colleague that was holding court and catastrophizing. That’s my description of … More Doing the Best I Can

Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves

If you follow Libby Saylor on Instagram (@thegoddessattainable), you have probably seen the really cool self-portrait series she is working on. She notes that it she’s examining themes of self-worth and self-acceptance and adds, “This process requires that I resist the urge to draw myself as ‘pretty’ or how I want to see myself, but … More Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves