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Here’s the bio I include in the spaces that ask for them: “Wynne Leon is an optimist, an enthusiast of endurance sports and a woman intent in charting her own path. Which is a combination that has led to an unconventional life. When she was younger a life of adventure meant climbing mountains, traveling the world and being an entrepreneur. More recently, it’s been starting a family as a single parent at age 46, having another child at age 50 and adopting a highly-strung kitten, even though she really is a dog person. Her writing projects include technical computer manuals, articles about meditation and parenting, and Finding My Father’s Faith, a memoir about spirituality, solace and her relationship with her beloved father.”

I think that what that boils down to is that I’m dedicated to telling stories about life. By writing about what is, it is easier for me to find the meaning, depth, delight and lessons in the little things I see, learn, feel and laugh at in day-to-day life. This practice of processing, sharing and reflecting creates a full circle effect, creating depth and delight in life as it is being observed.

Many of the stories I share involve my young children. Because they show me what it is like to be so fresh from the Source and unapologetically human. This isn’t a parenting advice but instead what I learn what I look closely and see how they develop as people, as siblings, as my children and as a family. Wrapped in all of that is a core of pure love that I want to enjoy more deeply by sharing.

You can find more of my writing on my personal blog, Surprised by Joy and I also write for the Wise & Shine blog. Follow me on Instagram @wynneleon and Twitter: @wynneleon


I’m Vicki – Victoria – and you can call me either.   I know it’s confusing but it’s a longstanding conundrum in my life!  😉

If you like, you can also refer to me as “Dr. Vicki” because that’s another part of my identity.  I hold the credential of licensed counselor and earned degrees in counseling, psychology and a doctorate in adult and higher education, enjoying many years as a counselor/therapist, and as a college Dean.

I’m also a consultant in my own leadership and life coaching business and I love what I do.  Most importantly, I’m blessed to be a mom and I’m proud to say my husband’s my best friend.  Oh – I’m also the guardian for my disabled sister whose life has been a labyrinth of challenges.   That’s me!

I’m also a thinker and an ambivert – the personality type that’s equal parts extraverted and introverted. I believe in the power of individual expression to uncover strengths and to ‘make meaning’ in our lives.  My quiet side enjoys the solitary opportunities to think and mull as I write about ‘what matters most’. Reflection is wonderful – but equally impactful?  The lift and positivity that comes from readers, fellow storytellers as experiences are shared.

Check out my Victoria Ponders blog www.victoriaponders.com and follow me on Instagram: @victoria.atkinsongroup


From an early age, I loved telling stories, not just any stories, but ones that focus on life’s ups and downs and dive into our emotions and feelings. For me, writing is about figuring out what I think about a topic or situation and seeing what I can uncover. It’s not always easy, it can be draining, but it’s where I’m convinced the great writing happens. 

Writing has helped me through many challenges in my life. There’s lots of disagreement over who said it first – novelist Earnest Hemingway, longtime sports columnist Red Smith, or a host of others, but I’m a big believer in the quote, “Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.”

I’ve worked as a corporate communications writer, editor, and consultant for the IT, Investment Management, and Higher Education fields for much of my professional career. I got into personal blogging about eight years ago when I wanted a creative outlet where I had more control over the topics and what I could say and write. It’s been a fun ride. 

I love being a contributor on this site, with these great writers and caring individuals, and look forward to the conversation and dialogue. Check out my blog at www.writingfromtheheartwithbrian.com.


I wrote my first (and only) novel at age 11. My teacher at the time told me that I had promise but
that calling three typed pages a novel was inaccurate. It wasn’t easy to understand how I could
be both happy and discouraged at the same time.

So I put writing aside and focused on other life paths. I became a healthcare provider, a wife-until I wasn’t anymore, a mom, and now a grandmother, fully retired. I’ve come back to writing,
but mostly for myself and more recently for my family.

A few things to know:

  • Knowledge is power. I want all the knowledge, but not all the power.
  • I am extremely pragmatic and an over-thinker.
  • One of my most prized personal attributes (on par with Marie Kondo) is organization at every level.
  • If I could live anywhere, it would be in a small cabin in a wild forest where I could walk for hours everyday
  • Life, as they say, is a journey. I still have a long road ahead but sometimes I get a bit lost and wander off the path. I’ve always found my way back though

Find more from Deb on her personal blog Closer to the Edge


This is the story of our Endless Weekend. For a combined five-ish decades we dealt with the usual high tech rat race: alarms, cubicles/hobbit holes, TPS reports, productivity indicators/red lab coats. It was a good run (though Dilbert is more accurate than not), but it was all … Work Days, Week Days vs. Week Ends. No more Week Days. In the summer of 2019, we, husband and wife in our 40s, decided to embark on an Endless Weekend (read: early retirement).

Come share our journey, it starts here: https://endlessweekend2019.wordpress.com/2019/07/25/the-endless-weekend-begins/


Erin(who you may know as Esoterica) is a writer, sewist, and naturopathy nerd who’s been sharing her heart online since 2010. After recovering from an eight-year bout of chronic illness, she’s made it her mission to pass along the lessons learned. Her vision is to help shape a world where hope and healing abound, and where personal accountability and pliancy live hand-in-hand.

Check out Erin’s blog at www.existentialergonomics.com.


Jack Canfora is the recipient of two Edgerton Playwriting Awards, for Jericho (2010) and The Source (2018) and the winner of the 2016 Webby Award for Best Writing Online TV & Film for the pilot of a web series he co-wrote and co-created with Andrew Rein, The Small Time, www.thesmalltimeseries.com His Off Broadway plays include Poetic License,  (59E59 Theaters), featuring Geraint Wyn-Davies, which was hailed by the Associated Press as “White-hot entertainment,”  and Jericho, (59E59 Theaters), a New York Times’ “Critics’ Pick”), featuring Jill Eikenberry.

Jack has been busy democratizing theater as Creative Director of New Normal Rep. His play Step 9 has just been released as a theatrical podcast. Visit the Now Playing page at NNR to learn more about Step 9, or search New Normal Rep Step 9 on your favorite podcast platform to start listening to this great theater. Or go to: https://tinyurl.com/Step-9-NNR

Jack’s personal blog is https://thewritingonthepaddedwall.com and he also writes for the Wise & Shine blog. And if you are looking for a great writing coach, contact him through his website.


Kendra Purtell is new to blogging, having begun in May of 2022. However, her love of writing – and reading – goes back as far as she can remember.

Kendra has done a fair share of proofreading, both in a professional setting, and for other authors, and looks forward to publishing a book of her own in the future. She enjoys writing about her faith, overcoming addictions, the changing seasons of life, and all things humorous.

When not working, reading, or blogging, Kendra can usually be found spending time with family, doing volunteer work in the community, or thinking up home improvement projects for her husband.

Kendra’s personal blog is https://audience01.wordpress.com/


Libby Saylor | The Goddess Attainable

Libby Saylor is a goddess-in-the-making, living, growing, trying, conquering, and gracefully stumbling her way through this adventurous life. She loves blogging about her unabashed, real and raw tales of triumphs, fails, insights, and discoveries, as she attains healing through her authentic and unfiltered sharing. She cherishes her blogging community of friends and fellow-goddesses, and loves writing as a way to stay connected, to share, and to grow alongside her fellow beautiful souls. Libby is an artist with a day job (she loves doing both) and lives and works in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Follow Libby on Instagram @thegoddessattainable