We’re Celebrating!

It’s only been a couple of months, but the “Sharing the Heart of the Matter” podcast is a hit.  Thank you to all of you who’ve trusted us with your valuable time by listening.  The topics have been wide-ranging and we’re thrilled by the response and interest in each episode – whether the topic was … More We’re Celebrating!

A taxing day

The numbers fly in-and-out of my thoughts, bumping into each other, zooming this way and that. I can’t stop stressing over things like taxable income, tax withholdings, standard deductions, and tax brackets. If they sound like jargon, you would be right. Now I’m sure the accountants and tax professionals in the crowd are salivating, but … More A taxing day

Women’s Voices

While still focusing on aging and the lighter side of that process, I really wanted to pay homage if you will to everyone who identifies as female across our earth. Wednesday, March 8th was the official celebration date this year for International Women’s Day.  Statistically, according to the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) men … More Women’s Voices

Podcast Episode 8: I Write…Because I Wonder

I love this quote from Lucille Clifton.  Some days I’m not sure I “know” anything but boy, do I wonder/wander in a never-ending stream of fascination and bemusement, Vicki-style.  Okay, sometimes my wonder/wander brings frustration and impatience – but you’ll be happy to know I’m usually the target.  Writing helps me think and more than … More Podcast Episode 8: I Write…Because I Wonder

The Subtleties of Love Addiction

The word “addiction” is so alarming to me and brings up all kinds of associations. I think of my mother with her vodka, her DUI’s, her rehab stints, and her overall sad and lonely train wreck of a life. I think of movies that portray addiction and recovery incredibly well, such as 28 Days and Thanks for Sharing. I think of being taken to AA meetings by my parents, my twin sister and I playing under the table while people talk about their feelings in a room full of cigarette smoke. I think of 12-step recovery books arranged welcomingly on the top of toilet tanks (that’s kind of a thing people in recovery do). I grew up in a recovery family and have seen many forms of alcohol addiction. I’ve seen loved ones recover and loved ones pass away from the disease. It’s a loaded word, and for most of my life, I swore I would never be associated with it … More The Subtleties of Love Addiction

Makers of History, Builders of Tomorrow

When recently visiting my parents, I stepped into my childhood bathroom and noticed that something had changed. After thirty years, the colorful cross-stitch had been taken down. Throughout my youth, every time I plopped my little behind on the toilet, I read the same lines and contemplated their meaning. They felt significant. “A hundred years … More Makers of History, Builders of Tomorrow

Reactive Solutions

How many of you have taken a chemistry class? If so, the photo may look familiar to you. Those chemical reaction moments were, for me anyway, the highlight of high school chemistry class. I remember vividly that my chem teacher would assign us unknown solutions with instructions on how to combine them. From that little … More Reactive Solutions


“Invisible threads are the strongest ties” Friedrich Nietzsche I believe spiders are rather solitary creatures. I’ve certainly never seen a two spider team working together to spin a web. A single spider has to form all those intricate connections to create a viable web. The spider’s life literally depends on it. Humans too can be … More Connected