Women’s Voices

While still focusing on aging and the lighter side of that process, I really wanted to pay homage if you will to everyone who identifies as female across our earth. Wednesday, March 8th was the official celebration date this year for International Women’s Day.  Statistically, according to the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) men … More Women’s Voices

Let’s Dance!

We are starting month 3 here at The Heart of The Matter! Because spring is around the corner (somewhere) we are choosing to lighten up a bit to embrace the longer, sunnier days. That means our attitudes, outlook and posts this month are undergoing a slight change. We are all about the humor, especially when … More Let’s Dance!

The Subtleties of Love Addiction

The word “addiction” is so alarming to me and brings up all kinds of associations. I think of my mother with her vodka, her DUI’s, her rehab stints, and her overall sad and lonely train wreck of a life. I think of movies that portray addiction and recovery incredibly well, such as 28 Days and Thanks for Sharing. I think of being taken to AA meetings by my parents, my twin sister and I playing under the table while people talk about their feelings in a room full of cigarette smoke. I think of 12-step recovery books arranged welcomingly on the top of toilet tanks (that’s kind of a thing people in recovery do). I grew up in a recovery family and have seen many forms of alcohol addiction. I’ve seen loved ones recover and loved ones pass away from the disease. It’s a loaded word, and for most of my life, I swore I would never be associated with it … More The Subtleties of Love Addiction