Podcast Episode 4: Why Theater Matters

I’ve heard Jack Canfora joke that being a playwright in America in this day and age is a little like choosing to be a figure skater in Kenya. Meaning no disrespect to Kenyan figure skaters, of course.

Which makes me respect Jack and his path even more. He started with writing comedy sketches in his 20’s and then became a playwright in his 30’s. He’s won awards, had his plays performed off-Broadway, and taken a lot of other jobs (teacher, copy writer, writing coach) to make it work. That is to say, Jack knows more about the business of writing than most of us put together – and still he writes!

I could gush endlessly about Jack. And I often do. I’ve had a writer’s crush on him for forever because he speaks to my heart. Every time I talk with him, read him, or listen/watch one of his plays, I come away smarter and more human. Along with his brilliance, he has a gentle kindness, empathy, and humor that make what he says sorta hang in the air with soft wonder.

So it is with great pleasure that I announce Sharing the Heart of the Matter Podcast Episode 4: Why Theater Matters with Jack Canfora. Please listen to this great conversation as we wind our way through collective effervescence, Abraham Lincoln, what the theater sounds like to a playwright and actor, and the “concentrated dose of emotion” we get from theater.

And if you haven’t yet listened to his play, Step 9, released as a radio drama in podcast form, please do. Starring Carol Todd, Jill Eikenberry, Ella Dershowitz, Melissa Joyner, Jack Canfora, Jeffrey Bean, Laura Gourdine and Michael Satow and directed by Eleanor Handley. It’s a fantastic cast and great production. Search New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast or go to https://tinyurl.com/step-9-NNR

Links for this show:

Episode 4: Why Theater Matters on Anchor. (you can also find our podcast on Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pocket Casts by searching for Sharing the Heart of the Matter – and please subscribe)

Jack’s theater company: New Normal Rep

Jack’s blog writing: The Writing on the Padded Wall and on Wise & Shine

For info on Jack as a writing coach and his plays: https://jackcanforawriter.com

To follow Jack on Twitter and Instagram: @jackcanfora

8 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 4: Why Theater Matters

  1. What fun! Thank you, Jack and Wynne…I love listening to a podcast that brings humor, love and learning. The Olivier story — his anger about the impossibility of replicating ***magic*** when it happens resonates so much — beyond theatre and into other creative realms. If a creation, an experience was transcendently good — how do… we do it again? And the mention of ‘attentive silence’. I hadn’t put a word or phrase to that feeling – when I’ve been part of a live performance – but that fits so well. Thanks, you two for a fun listen — and for reminding/teaching me a few things.
    😊😊😊 Feeling a swell of Friday inspiration!

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