Well Said Saturdays

It seems like these days pass so quickly that we often finding ourselves reading, appreciating the gift of a post, and then moving on too quickly. To extend some of the great notes of the week, we are trying out Well Said Saturdays – bringing a few quotes from recent posts forward.

From Grace & Patience by Vicki

From Growing Like a Weed by Wynne

From Moved to Tears by Brian

From Acceptance by Deb

From Keeping Time by Jack

24 thoughts on “Well Said Saturdays

    1. I agree Erin, a nice wrap of our week without perhaps the pressure to get reading and commenting done on a busy Saturday, although where I am it’s drizzling and yucky but I’m sure someone, somewhere has sunny weather and plans to be out and about today 🙂 #Iwantsummer

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  1. I agree with everyone else. Brilliant idea – whether to catch up or simply to re-emphasise some of the wise – very wise words shared. I always find it encouraging the way you all seem to feed off of and support each other. Keep up the good work HoTM Team ❤️

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