Episode 19: Long Distance Letters with Vicki and Wynne

I often get a little nervous/excited before recording a podcast conversation. It’s a chance to meet someone new, have a deep and intentional conversation, and I value that time. This week’s podcast though is a little different – it’s a deep conversation that I had with Vicki about our beloved fathers and the letters we’ve … More Episode 19: Long Distance Letters with Vicki and Wynne


I feel gratitude for how supported I feel in my life right now. And please don’t even begin to assume for a sec that my life is super easy and awesome. But, it’s also not too terrible. It’s a mix of both yay and not-so-yay, and there are ups and downs at all times. And because this is generally just how life operates and flows, I think any one of us could easily get swept away by the drama of any single life circumstance. So, how do we stay on track during the yay and nay fluctuations? How do we keep growing and flourishing, even when we fall backwards at times? … More 5 THINGS I NEED IN ORDER TO FLOURISH AND GROW

Find Good Everywhere

This month we continue to focus on the topic of growth here at Heart of the Matter and this post is another in my short series about writing my mother’s story in my upcoming book, “Surviving Sue”.  Thank you to those of you who’ve asked about maintaining the motivation to write.  In this post I’ll … More Find Good Everywhere


There’s been one of those blog challenge queries floating around on WordPress recently. I know you’ve seen the format- those prompts that ask the blogger to answer a series of questions. I love to read other peoples answers but I’m typically not a fan of participating myself.  However, one question in a recent challenge, “What … More Acceptance

Grace & Patience

I wrote a piece recently on my personal blog about a beloved rocking chair that my dad restored.  He’s been gone for many years, but the sweet little rocker is a cherished memento of something he lovingly touched as he restored it.  I’d say he improved it…the luster is pretty fabulous: When I wrote about … More Grace & Patience