The Quote Tree

Vicki recently had a post where she was talking about organizing her quotes. She asked the question if anyone had a solution and it couldn’t be a spreadsheet.

Damn, I use a spreadsheet for 1500 of my favorite quotes. What else are you going to do with that number? Build a database of course…but that’s even nerdier.

However, I built a quote tree for my friend Deirdre’s 60th birthday. It was a way to honor her wisdom by pinning on 60 quotes that I thought fit the breadth of her life. It bought a simple lighted tree from Amazon and then Miss O and I cut them out and clipped them on with teeny tiny clothespins.

Since this is a gift we can’t replicate over the internet, Vicki has prepared a 2D version – this tree just focused on our connections.

Please feel free to download this and print it out: Connection Quote Tree

6 thoughts on “The Quote Tree

  1. I love these quote trees. The best! I’m a sucker for a great quote. Love them, whether about living a full life or about writing. Ugh, a good quote gets me all the time. I might have to steal the idea for a lighted quote tree. What a great birthday present. I can think of a few people who might appreciate that.

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