Why Are We Here?

Indeed! Why ARE we here – in the existential, big picture sense, but also this: What are we doing HERE with this blog? Given that there are about 600 billion blogging forums in the world, do we really need one more? We think so, because we’re wired for connection and community. That’s the broad vision for The Heart of the Matter” — a place of intention about sharing life’s experiences, propelling us toward strength and greater self-awareness. Ah, the power of collective positivity!

The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things.” – Hans Christian Anderson

Who are we? Wynne and Vicki met right here, in the blogging world, and the connection was potent from the start.  When you find kindred souls, there’s a shorthand and an ease that feels natural. Leaning into one another, we learned about our common interests. Wynne’s written a powerful book, “Finding My Father’s Faith” and Vicki’s just finished a book that will arrive next year about her mother’s struggle with alcoholism, disability and Alzheimer’s. 

Together, we value the catharsis of writing about ourselves, our families, because we believe telling our stories, sharing our discoveries, is how we make meaning across the arc of our lives.  It’s also how we navigate the day-to-day triumphs and challenges.  Pondering where we’ve been? It provides a roadmap for the destinations ahead, our empowered, inspired journeys. Even better? The circle grows larger everyday thanks to the talented writers and contributors joining us to showcase their unique perspectives

The Heart of the Matter is where we write and talk about what mattered today and the inspiration to remain ever reflective. Think of Heart of the Matter as a homebase, a motivational center, where we share our discoveries and epiphanies about what matters most.  Heart of the Matter is content-rich, showcasing stories and inspiration to help with everyday challenges while focusing on the future and the glorious horizon.

The Heart of the Matter is where we build community. A place where meaningful interaction and comments contribute to a lively, positive, and proactive culture. Posts on The Heart of the Matter will be in long or short form content highlighting humor, poignant experiences, and first-person stories.  In common?  An intent to inspire with wholeheartedness, providing potential growth opportunities for community members, bonded in a mutual desire to be authentic, vulnerable, open and loved in most heartfelt and capacious sense.

The Heart of the Matter features content designed to support holistic health and wellness, self-care, and stress relief, in part through mindfulness and meditation and practical guidance, in an effort to foster growth and renewal. 

The Heart of the Matter features inspirational and thought-provoking podcasts intended to spark conversation and discussion while fostering encouragement and support for individual projects and authorship. 

The Heart of the Matter strives to be a non-denominational, non-discriminatory, apolitical space. The goal is to be inclusive and accepting of cross cultural and worldview perspectives, creating a safe and inspirational environment for all.  

The Heart of the Matter is nothing without you, dear readers. Thank you for joining us. We’re thrilled you’re here.

-Wynne & Vicki

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