Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor

Libby Saylor | The Goddess Attainable

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest was Scott Calloway – an entrepreneur, and professor from NYU’s Stern School of Business. He said that he can often tell what medium through which people were introduced to him by the way strangers greet him. If they’ve seen him on video or tv, they high-five him. If they know him through something he’s written, then strangers want to have a long and thoughtful conversation (or email). But if they greet him as if they are already friends, he knows they’ve listened to his podcasts. He credits it to something intimate about being in someone’s ears.

This statement helped me put a name to a feeling I’ve had – intimacy. When Libby, Vicki, and I met over Teams to record this podcast at 6am my time on a Saturday morning, it was like having a chat with friends over a cup of tea. I haven’t met either Libby or Vicki in person but I feel a bond of having great women to not only read but also talk with.

We were discussing Libby’s latest post on journaling which is a wonderful post. But having a conversation somehow makes what Libby writes about – the experience of finding what’s in our self-care tool kit – even more meaningful.

In this episode, we talk about Libby’s post about how to journal the right way. That is to say to journal to really heal the tough, icky, and not so fun, phases and feelings. We touch on the inner child and how journaling can work to really soothe those parts of ourselves who don’t feel heard.

We bring in Rumi’s guest house and liken journaling to really welcoming the whole complement of feelings in so we can receive the message and move on.

Libby and Vicki talk about the therapeutic effects of putting pen to paper. Libby inspires us as an artist and human to make the journaling and growing process attractive and social.

Finally we talk about how life requires us to pay attention and grow and that sometimes we write it down to squeeze out what we need.

We know you’ll love this episode with the company of wonderful people looking to lean-in to growth!

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Then we hope you’ll come back here and share the take-away gems that resonated with you.

Link to Podcast: Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor

14 thoughts on “Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Wynne! I would quite literally not be who I am today without journaling, so your post and Libby’s post really resonated for me. I gave a longer comment about this on Libby’s post that I won’t repeat here and risk spoiler alerts 🙂 And I will definitely be checking out your podcast later today!

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    1. Patti – I loved your comment on Libby’s post because I too relate to the image of a crying child. I would never ignore that even though I ignore my own feelings on a very regular basis! I’m so glad this post resonated with you — and I hope the podcast does as well. Thank you so much for listening!

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      1. I did indeed find the podcast helpful, Wynne. It’s been a busy few days so it took me awhile to carve out a quiet half hour, but I was very glad that I did: journaling is such a fundamental part of how I stay healthy, but it can be lonely. I don’t know anyone outside our WordPress community who journals like I do. I loved (I think it was Vicki’s?) comment about how she gravitates to people in ‘evolution’ mode: I know that’s why this series of posts spoke to me. I am always seeking my ‘peeps’ (as my daughter would call them) as well 🙂 I laughed when you said “Once it’s written, I’m kind of over it”. That’s EXACTLY how I feel once I’ve gotten my feelings to paper 🙂 And like all of you, I love the idea of ‘recording my life’ for my kids. I actually had a mini-epiphany as I listened to all of you: I tend to journal when I’m in pain; I tend to blog when I’m happy. I see both of those as a personal ‘win’ 🙂🙏

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      2. I’m so glad you like the podcast, Patti. Thank you for listening. I love your observation that journaling can be lonely and that we can find our peeps in this community – I feel the same way.

        And your observation about journaling when in pain and blogging when you are happy – that is sooo interesting!! I think both ARE a win. Love it!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. I love Patti’s comment! There is ALWAYS something to learn about the art of journaling — especially when we can peek into each other’s processes. Libby was so gracious to share her details with us. Fun, informative and inspirational. Thanks, Wynne and Libby! 😘

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  3. I’ve just been listening to your podcast with Libby and I loved it. So much of what she described mirrors my own experiences. I need to use pen and paper. I think I type too fast and my mind doesn’t get the time to reflect. I agree the full process is important and we need to give ourselves time to process our feelings and understand what they’re telling us. As Libby said, understanding our past and how experiences shape us. But once we have that insight, taking the time to.think through what we’re going to do, if anything.
    Enjoyable listening 😁

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