March’s Greatest Hits

March is a long month, isn’t it? 31 days, the long slog to the end of winter, and no holidays. Thank goodness for a month of humor and conversations worth having. Of course, this is all possible because of the great group of writers and community that makes this conversation meaningful.

In Case You Missed These Great Posts

Vicki talks about intuition and the gift of full circle moments in parenting: An Unexpected Gift

Wynne plays musical beds in Beds, Boundaries and Beyond

Erin draws the six tenets of a good life from Two Free Books that were Priceless

Brian brings home the message of a simple but profound wall hanging in In This House

Endless Weekend makes sure we know what load we are carrying and why in How Many Donkeys Are You Carrying On Your Back?

Libby tackles self-compassion in Really Listen To The Way We Talk To Ourselves

Deb celebrates International Women’s Day, inspires us and makes us laugh with Women’s Voices

Coming Attractions

We are focusing on Creativity in the month of April. We hope you will subscribe if you haven’t already and join us for many great posts plus podcasts like:

4/7 – Storytelling with the Storyshucker – a podcast with the master storyteller, Stuart Perkins. We hear about growing up in rural Virginia, the dare that led him to blog and his advice for writers looking to publish

4/14 – Take Me Out to the Ballgame! Vicki and Wynne have an incredibly entertaining conversation with author Bruce Bohrer about baseball and all the stories that come with being an usher at Wrigley Field

And so much more…

More Wonderful Content from the WordPress Community

Patti Moore Wilson (Wednesday’s Child blog) writes a brilliant post prompting some soul searching: How Do You Defend Yourselves?

Jane Fritz (Robby Robin’s blog) offers us some great humor (aka humour) in A little humour (aka humor), a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Fred (Abba’s Art) vividly compares News vs Nature

Michelle (Eco Boomer Crusader) writes a wonderful weekly roundup starting with the question Why Haven’t We Stamped Out Ageism?

Dr. Gerald Stein graciously offers us the Steps to a More Peaceful Life

EA (bleuwater blog) talks about the impact of AI to jobs and whether AI labs will pause to give a chance for safety protocols to be implemented in Will They Take a Six Month Pause?

Sharing the Heart of the Matter Podcast

Check out our podcast talking about our heart stories. It’s on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Anchor and Pocket Casts. Please search for Sharing the Heart of the Matter on any of those platforms to subscribe.

Episode 7: Grow Damn It! with Cheryl Oreglia – Wynne talks with Cheryl about her just-released, fun and evocative book, Grow Damn It! and her journey to write and become a published author.

Episode 8: Expressive Writing – Vicki, Brian and Wynne are three peas in a podcast, having a great conversation about how writing is a great method for creating meaning in life.

Episode 9: The Audacity to Believe with Mitch Teemley – How do you get the audacity to believe that others want to read, hear, watch what you come up with? Vicki and Wynne talk with storyteller, author, filmmaker and composer Mitch Teemley to find out.

Episode 10: The Power of Intuition with Deirdre Wilcox : Wynne listens, learns, and laughs with her meditation teacher, Deirdre, about life, opportunities to be mindful, and how to trust our intuition.

Episode 11: How to Journal the Right Way with Libby Saylor: – A companion podcast to go with her wonderful post, Vicki and Wynne talk with Libby about all journaling to process and also accentuate life.

12 thoughts on “March’s Greatest Hits

  1. Thanks for putting together these monthly recaps, Wynne! It’s such a joy to be reminded of these great discussions, and an opportunity to go check out any new comments. Cheers to the new month! 😊

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