April’s Greatest Hits

April felt like a great month full of great conversations worth having about creativity and inspiration. Of course, this is all possible because of the great group of writers and community that makes this interaction meaningful.

In Case You Missed These Great Posts

Vicki applies creativity to relationships in Creativity of Being

Wynne tries to listen before she writes in The Creative Rhythm

Erin brings the wisdom of an old English proverb to family relationships Why Can’t We Be Like That Wise Old Bird

Brian brings crayons to his work in Thinking Like a Kid

Jack takes us to a concert that rocks us through the ages in Keeping Time

Endless Weekend points out all the we don’t notice in Have You Ever Seen Money Grow On Trees

Libby puts a pen to paper in How To Journal the Right Way

Deb resists the mantel of a writer but invites us along on her journey in Writer…Blogger..Who the Heck Am I

Sharing the Heart of the Matter Podcast

Check out our podcast talking about our heart stories. It’s on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Anchor and Pocket Casts. Please search for Sharing the Heart of the Matter on any of those platforms to subscribe.

Episode 12: On Storytelling with Stuart Perkins: We are hooked by this wonderful writer who so powerfully uses a hook when he pens his beautiful stories

Episode 13: The Best Seat in the House with Bruce Bohrer: Bruce takes us out to the ball game as we talk about the book he wrote about his post-retirement career as an usher at Wrigley Field

Episode 14: Holding Space with Deirdre Wilcox: Deirdre talks about creating open, reflective space when listening to others as well as how to switch in to a more expansive place when we’re feeling parked in our small space

Episode 15: Writing into a Full and Balanced Life with Brenda Harrison: We delightfully get a peak into Curiosities, Castles and Coffee Shops with blogger Brenda Harrison as she tells us about her inspiration and process.

More Wonderful Content from the WordPress Community

Alegria of the beautiful and joyful Life with Alegria blog has created the Happiness Projects where she presents a beautiful 15 second video that suggestions a new way every week to cultivate more happiness in our lives. Here’s week 1

DM of the I Also Live on the Farm blog writes engagingly on any number of subjects like connection, bees, dog bites, Coldplay songs, and in his latest post, We All Get to Choose, surgery and the difference between cows and buffaloes when it comes to a storm.

Margaret of the Connection blog has a delightfully funny post about people objecting to testing the alert system: Making fun (aka ‘Taking the Piss’) of Common Sense Precautions and Public Welfare

Mary of the Awakening Wonders blog beautifully walks through a lot of history and life through a collection of handbags in: The Tale of the Handbag

Apeacefultree of the APEACEFULTREE blog regularly posts wonderful nudges and suggestions for making our lives more peaceful. Check out The Word of the Week: Uncomplicated

Brenda of the Curiosities, Castles and Coffee Shops blog writes about her podcasting experience – with us on My First Podcast

Coming Attractions

We are focusing on Growth in the month of May. We hope you will subscribe (if you haven’t already) and join us for many great posts plus podcasts like:

5/5: Nuggets of Kindness with Stuart Perkins

5/12: Building a Blog Base with Vicki, Brian and Wynne

And Vicki has already made our beautiful May Growth Quote tree – downloadable as a .png file

And so much more…

13 thoughts on “April’s Greatest Hits

  1. Oooh lots of posts to explore and thank you for including me Wynne. Here’s looking forward to a warmer (April has been a cold, miserable month weather-wise for us in England, UK) and interesting May.

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