Episode 17: Building a Base with Brian Hannon

I find it ironic that this podcast where we talk about blogging and whether the numbers matter, comes on the heels of topping 500 listens on our podcast. Thank you to all of you – we really appreciate your support on this venture.

Which is a great segue to the topic of the podcast today. In this episode, Vicki, Brian, and I talking about blogging. Do the numbers matter? What matters most in this journey? How do you make lasting relationships with people you’ve only met through blogging?

Brian shares tips he learned as a newspaper reporter and how blogging differs from being a reporter in the rich conversation that can be sparked through comments. We talk about going viral versus the daily work of showing up to build relationships, and touch on holding space for our own growth, development and learning as we write.

It’s such a fun episode full of laughter that comes from good friendships forged through blogging. – we know you’ll love it. And then please, come back here and give us your thoughts about the podcast or about blogging and what matters.

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Links for Episode 17:

Listen on Anchor: Episode 17: Building a Base with Brian Hannon

Brian’s HoTM posts: HoTM posts by Brian

Brian’s personal blog: Writingfromtheheartwithbrian.com

Survey: Sharing the Heart of the Matter Podcast Survey

25 thoughts on “Episode 17: Building a Base with Brian Hannon

  1. Congratulations on your 500 views, Wynne and Vicki. You’re doing such a brilliant job with the podcast. I’m really looking forward to listening to the three of you having fun, but it’ll need to wait til tomorrow 😬

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      1. Yes, I would love that! I have a lot of trouble with word-finding, so it would be rough for me today, but once that resolves–hopefully within the next few months–joining your two would be just lovely!

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  2. I’ve just listened to the podcast … it was lovely to hear the three of you just having fun in each other’s company.
    I’m sending Brian hugs in case he’s still feeling left out 🤗🤗🤗
    I loved the discussion you had about ‘holding space for growth’. I think that’s so important. I think we get so caught up with what we’re doing … writing, blogging – and podcasting for you, Wynne – that we forget to stop and take stock of what we’re learning, how we’re growing. There is still so much to take on board, we need to stop and give ourselves the space to reflect and grow.

    Thank you, all three, for an amusing, delightful and inspiring dialogue


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    1. Thank you for listening and this wonderful comment, Brenda. I really like what you say about “giving ourselves the space to reflect and grow.” Yes!! You captured where I was trying to go perfectly. It’s hard to do when we are so busy.

      We really appreciate this smart and thought-provoking comment, Brenda! ❤ ❤ ❤

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