Well Said Saturdays – May 13

It seems like these days pass so quickly that we often finding ourselves reading, appreciating the gift of a post, and then moving on too quickly. To extend some of the great notes of the week, we are trying out Well Said Saturdays – bringing a few quotes from recent posts forward.

From Growing Into Writing by Vicki

Comment from Julia Preston (Voices In My Head blog) on Growing Into Writing by Vicki

From Do You Stop to Smell the Roses? by Endless Weekend

18 thoughts on “Well Said Saturdays – May 13

  1. What a great idea to highlight insightful nuggets of wisdom from the words of introspective writers. Truly gifts to be savored. Thank you Wynne, and thank you to all of you wise and wonderful bloggers! 💕

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    1. I hope it was okay that we used your wisdom and quote! As you said, it was a gift to be savored! So grateful to be in this community with you, Julia! ❤


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