Women’s Voices

While still focusing on aging and the lighter side of that process, I really wanted to pay homage if you will to everyone who identifies as female across our earth. Wednesday, March 8th was the official celebration date this year for International Women’s Day.  Statistically, according to the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) men … More Women’s Voices

Meditate on this!

I close my eyes and slow my breathing. I’m trying to be in the moment, but I can’t stop wondering if I’m following the directions the way I had learned. I can’t get rid of the worry that I’m doing it wrong. I’m full of questions. What should I be thinking about, should I let my … More Meditate on this!


“Invisible threads are the strongest ties” Friedrich Nietzsche I believe spiders are rather solitary creatures. I’ve certainly never seen a two spider team working together to spin a web. A single spider has to form all those intricate connections to create a viable web. The spider’s life literally depends on it. Humans too can be … More Connected