February’s Greatest Hits

What a fun month it has been trying to write and talk our way through our journey to discover what matters most. Of course, this is all possible because of the great group of writers and community that makes this conversation meaningful.

In Case You Missed These Great Posts

Vicki provides some wonderful perspective about how we make and miss memories in Magic Moments

Wynne tries to be a little funny in writing about self-awareness in Here’s Looking At You Kid

Erin helps us find our internal locus of control in Are You A Victim, or a Victor?

Brian illustrates the fullness of life in The Circle of Life in Two Days

Kendra talks about the power of empathy in Empathy In Living Color

Endless Weekend challenges to really think about what we are juggling in Do You Cherish Your Crystal Balls?

Libby tackles self-compassion in Really Listen To The Way We Talk To Ourselves

Deb takes off her mantle to reveal vulnerability in Remaking A Super Woman

Coming Attractions

Libby (aka The Hot Goddess) writes about Love Addiction on 3/3

Grow, Damn It! podcast with Cheryl Oreglia – talking with Cheryl about her evocative, funny, and deeply enjoyable new book

The Audacity to Believe podcast with Mitch Teemley – a great podcast conversation about believing that others want to hear, read, or watch what you have to say and the secret to Mitch’s great productivity

Expressive Writing podcast with Vicki, Brian and Wynne – talking about the therapy and pitfalls of writing through life

More Wonderful Content from the WordPress Community

Ab writes beautifully about parenting with his heart wide-open and self-care in this wonderful post The Skin We’re In

Cheryl Oreglia has written a captivating and fun book, Grow Damn It! and talks about the release in Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened (read it before you hear our podcast!)

Mark Petruska seems to be able to charmingly mix any topic to great effect – like moving, neighbors and mice in his latest post Deja U

VJ knits up some wonderful inspiration in Keep Going

Stuart Danker coaches about how to keep writing simple with Get More Done With the MVP Mindset

Michael humorously suggests what we can really do with AI in Intelligently Speaking

Read Between the Lyme paints the picture of growing up with Upstate New York snow in Escaping Lyme – Memory #1

Sharing the Heart of the Matter Podcast

Check out our podcast talking about our heart stories. It’s on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Anchor and Pocket Casts. Please search for Sharing the Heart of the Matter on any of those platforms to subscribe.

Episode 3: On Mountaineering, Martial Arts, Overcoming Challenges and Motherhood – Wynne talks with Betsy Kerekes about Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo as ways to build resilience and build family closeness

Episode 4: Why Theater Matters – Jack Canfora reveals to Wynne the secret of the concentrated dose of emotion we get at the theater and tells us the play Lincoln was watching when we was shot

Episode 5: Father, Sons & Flannel – Vicki and Brian Hannon relive all the dear memories evoked in one sartorial choice and talk about the tricky business of writing about family.

Episode 6: Really Listen To the Way We Talk To Ourselves: Libby Saylor talks with Wynne about self-compassion, the mirror of love, and healing deep wounds.

19 thoughts on “February’s Greatest Hits

  1. Congrats on completing another month. The content and the community you both, Wynne and Victoria, have brought together is wonderful. I love the diversity of voices and content.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the link to my post too! I hope to take you up on your invite to contribute one day when I get over the exhaustion of the last while. 😆 Take good care.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Congratulations on another wonderful month! This community is already brimming over with joy, humor, thoughtfulness, and new lenses through which to see the world. I look forward to visiting every day, and I away come away inspired. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Well done on another great month. I’m not surprised, with two awesome people behind HOTM and the quality of your contributors. A great recipe for success. I look forward to your context in March

    Liked by 1 person

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