Episode 10: The Power of Intuition

I met my friend, Deirdre, 25-years-ago when I was hit by my own car. I was standing behind it with my head in the trunk getting a bag for a friend, when someone backed into it. The force of the collision pushed the car into my head. I needed someone to help with that weird compression injury and as luck, fate, or miracles would have it, was referred to Deirdre Wilcox.

As a healer, Deirdre has kept my body going in many ways. I give her a lot of credit for keeping me injury free throughout my climbing years, assisting me through my “advanced maternal aged” pregnancies, and helping me work on the persistent knot in my left shoulder from too much time spent in front a computer.

But it’s her work as my meditation teacher that has transformed me the most. The work I’ve done with her opened me so that I can walk my path in life and not anyone else’s.  She has helped me heal from the inside out from self-inflicted and other-inflicted wounds so that I can just be. Deirdre has been that teacher that has walked with me through life, teaching me how to take intentional and mindful steps, and smell/see/touch/taste/hear the beauty along the way.

I’ve shown up for 90 minute appointments with her and cried for the whole time. More often, I show up and laugh the whole time. When I’m tired from parenting, I often show up either for body work or meditation work and sleep most of the time. But there isn’t a time that I’ve spent with her, either on the massage table or meditation mat that hasn’t changed me for the better. For the more authentic, for the more aware, for the more joyful.

So I’m thrilled that she agreed to do a podcast with me. Please listen to this wonderful woman with wisdom – I believe you will walk away from it just a little bit changed as well.

In this episode, we talk about Deirdre’s journey to become a healer, how she used her time undergoing treatment for breast cancer to integrate all that she’d been taught about the mind-body-spirit. We also delve into the power of our intuition and why we mistrust it, why we need to place meditation up there on the list of daily habits like flossing, the danger of going shopping after meditation class, and how transformation might be exactly what we need to live our deepest and best lives.

At the very end of our conversation, I’ve left in an outtake where I offer myself up as an example of how mulishly resistant humans can be when it comes to tackling things that could make our lives better.

Search for Sharing the Heart of the Matter on Apple, Amazon, Spotify or Pocket Casts or click here to listen to Episode 10: The Power of Intuition with Deirdre Wilcox on Anchor.

Then I hope you’ll come back here and share the take-away gems that resonated with you.

Link to Podcast: Episode 10: The Power of Intuition with Deirdre Wilcox

Deirdre’s website: Deirdre Therapeutics (deirdrewilcox.com)

For more on the benefits of meditation, I’ve written about what meditation does for me in a post on my personal blog: Open the Doors, Let It Flow

21 thoughts on “Episode 10: The Power of Intuition

  1. It is so wonderful that you have built a longterm relationship with someone who cares and provides such great care for both your physical, mental and emotional health, Wynne. That car incident, as awful as it sounds, was meant to happen!

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    1. I totally agree about the car incident, Ab. Lucky me! You’re right about Deirdre as well – may we all find those people who can care for us because it’s a gift! Hope you have a great weekend!

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  2. Hit by your own car! What a lead in! As to the knot in your shoulder from sitting at the computer, I get that too. I find that a new chair or cushions, under you, behind you, or both, have helped me. I don’t suppose you’ve tried those things?

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    1. I’m so glad you commented – I was just thinking how much I missed you. All okay? Hopefully you haven’t gotten hit on the head with your own car or anything else bad!

      Great suggestion to improve my seating. That is something I haven’t been very good at focusing on and it’s a much needed reminder. Thank you!


      1. I haven’t been able to claw myself back out from my post-trip workload. But I’m getting there. When I was nearly there, I got sick. Now I’m nearly recovered from that. I know I’ve been mostly awol from the blog world. But, yes, definitely on the “seating arrangement.” 😉 Whenever I’ve felt that, a slight adjustment in cushioning has made all the difference.
        BTW, we were supposed to test for taekwondo on Thursday, but because I was sick, Sensei pushed it back.

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      1. And P.S. I’ve been thinking of you too. That story in your book of young 20-something year-old you falling in love and how you ended the relationship and why. Ugh. Heart-wrenching. The what-ifs that story leaves…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah yes, that one. You do know me awfully well to pick up on that. But I’m still friends with that guy and it’s good it didn’t work out. It’s nice to be able to say that at least!

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