The Subtleties of Love Addiction

The word “addiction” is so alarming to me and brings up all kinds of associations. I think of my mother with her vodka, her DUI’s, her rehab stints, and her overall sad and lonely train wreck of a life. I think of movies that portray addiction and recovery incredibly well, such as 28 Days and Thanks for Sharing. I think of being taken to AA meetings by my parents, my twin sister and I playing under the table while people talk about their feelings in a room full of cigarette smoke. I think of 12-step recovery books arranged welcomingly on the top of toilet tanks (that’s kind of a thing people in recovery do). I grew up in a recovery family and have seen many forms of alcohol addiction. I’ve seen loved ones recover and loved ones pass away from the disease. It’s a loaded word, and for most of my life, I swore I would never be associated with it … More The Subtleties of Love Addiction

Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves

If you follow Libby Saylor on Instagram (@thegoddessattainable), you have probably seen the really cool self-portrait series she is working on. She notes that it she’s examining themes of self-worth and self-acceptance and adds, “This process requires that I resist the urge to draw myself as ‘pretty’ or how I want to see myself, but … More Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves