Podcast Episode 3: On Mountaineering, Martial Arts, Overcoming Challenges and Motherhood

When I was new to blogging, I spent some time looking for bloggers that were good writers, aligned with what I was interested in, and who I was inspired by. I lucked out by finding, Betsy Kerekes on Parenting is Funny.

There’s much to love about Betsy but I think what stuck the most for me is that she tackles hard things with humor and grace. This is true for parenting and now that she’s changed her blog name to Motherhood and Martial Arts (MMA), it’s true for martial arts too.

I’m not a martial arts practitioner, but in the great stories she tells about learning, getting injured, and keeping up the practice, I’m inspired by her grit all wrapped up in a lovely package. Whatever it is she practices, she moves me to laugh about all the great lessons she learns.

So I know you’ll love this entertaining podcast that I did with Betsy on Mountaineering, Martial Arts, Overcoming challenges and Motherhood.

You can find (and subscribe) to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Anchor and Pocket Casts. And here’s the link to the podcast on Anchor: Episode 3: On Mountaineering, Martial Arts, Overcoming Challenges and Motherhood

And here are links to her blog and books that I can personally highly recommend:

Blog: Motherhood and Martial Arts (formerly Parenting is Funny)

Book on Amazon: Be a Happier Parent or Laughing Trying

Book on Amazon: 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

Book on Amazon: 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person

13 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 3: On Mountaineering, Martial Arts, Overcoming Challenges and Motherhood

  1. I love that you find parallels in seemingly unconnected things like mountaineering, martial arts and motherhood. Look forward to checking out the podcast and thanks for introducing us to Betsy.

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  2. Reblogged this on Surprised By Joy and commented:

    I was so lucky to be able to spend time podcasting with one of my favorite blog buddies, Betsy Kerekes. Here is the link to our podcast and show notes for our fun discussion about handling the tough things in life – specifically mountaineering, martial arts, overcoming challenges and motherhood.


  3. This was a great – and fun – episode! The one from last time (with Wynne and Vicki) was as well! Had a chance to catch up and enjoyed both of these greatly!

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