Episode 5: Fathers, Sons & Flannel

Writing about family is fraught with snares and trepidation as many of us walk the line between speaking our truth and avoiding disrespect.  My friend Brian of the ‘Writing from the Heart with Brian’ blog and Heart of the Matter recently wrote about his father…sharing a series of scenes from his life with his dad, told from the perspective of his father’s most beloved piece of apparel:  a flannel shirt.  

I had the pleasure of visiting with Brian in our latest Sharing the Heart of the Matter podcast Episode 5 where we talked about the importance of family memories and the role we take on as biographers and storytellers – often for our own children.  Brian lovingly (and humorously) shares shiny moments worth passing down to other generations…to keep our beloveds (who often had complicated lives of their own) close in our heads and hearts.

I can’t wait for you to listen.  Join us on your favorite platform or follow this link:  Episode 5:  Fathers, Sons & Flannel to listen on Anchor. You can also find our podcast on Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pocket Casts by searching for Sharing the Heart of the Matter.  Please subscribe!

Vicki & Brian 😉

4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Fathers, Sons & Flannel

  1. I love this podcast episode – and the heritage of creativity in all its forms and how we process our memories of where we came from in order to provide a more understandable platform from which our kids can grow. Beautiful job, you two!!

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  2. Oh, thank you Wynne and Vicki, it was challenging piece to write, but I’m glad I wrote it. I’m not a podcaster, I need to get to the point quicker, but it was fun too to talk with you. I love that the site is full of people who care about good stories and the human condition. What a fun community you’ve created.

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