Wholehearted Love

Show Notes – New Episode Just Dropped!

Episode 2:  Finding My Father’s Faith

Happy Podcast Friday, friends! 

We have “Heart of the Matter” news to share this morning…

You may have heard about Wynne’s book, “Finding My Father’s Faith” It’s a must-read for anyone who appreciates an inspirational story about family, dads and daughters and the journey toward making meaning of life.  I’ve read Wynne’s book twice, and true-to-form, I’ve bookmarked and highlighted so many sections that my poor copy is looking pretty dog-eared!

Haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet?  All good!  Join us for the latest Heart of the Matter podcast which just dropped this morning. Listen on your favorite platform – Spotify, Apple, Amazon or PocketCasts to tune in and enjoy Wynne’s warm reminiscences about her road to authorship, the precious time she spent with her beloved father and the twists and turns that made her effort more poignantly powerful than she could ever have imagined. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think – don’t forget to swing back to this post to share your thoughts after you’ve listened.  We’re nothing without you, dear readers, followers…and listeners.  Thank you for your friendship!

Friday smiles and love,

Vicki 💕💕💕

9 thoughts on “Wholehearted Love

  1. Best of luck with your podcast, taking your heart concept in a different direction. It’s an interesting way to reach people who don’t necessarily read blogs. Wonder where it will lead you!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think we’re wondering the same thing, Ally! Thank you for your good luck wishes…we’ll take them…and if ever you feel inclined to chat a little…podcast style…you know Wynne and I are interested. You are an endless source of wisdom, encouragement…and humor! xo! ❤

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      1. Yes! I second everything that Vicki says. We’d love to have you podcast with us if you are ever inclined. We could pick a post – like the recent one where you answered the questions and saw how they changed over time? It’d be so fun!


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