Color Me Tickled Pink

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post calling for help to Put Me In the Mood For Love. And wow, I loved the results, pun intended.

Here’s why. It made me feel for the 100th (or maybe 1000th) time what a warm place this WordPress community is. In responses that were romantic, realistic, and relatable, I got a vision of love that happens when the time is right and the heart is open. Not surprisingly, from a group of writers, you’ve given me a lot of words to put me in the mood for love.

You painted a picture of love that is solidly founded on self-love (thanks, Julia), blossoms with words (thanks, Dr. Stein), and provides incredible strength (thanks, LA).

You’ve reassured me of the vision (thanks, Brian), provided a soundtrack (thanks, Vicki), made me laugh along the way (thanks, VJ).

Ab provided me some great entertainment with a movie suggestion, Maggie reminded me of patience, and Kendra let me know that I won’t be choosing him alone since you all will have to find him worthy.

I was reminded of the breadth of love (thanks, Brenda), the need to receive love (thank you, Grace), and the beautiful intimacy that comes with deep connection (thanks, Erin).

Altogether it paints a picture of life and love that is deeply rooted and beautifully filled out by all the attributes of love and connection that keeps us strong, hopeful and balanced. It’s a lot like this gorgeous quote tree that Vicki created from the contributions. I’ve embedded it in this post but you can also download it.

What you all put out there has pushed me to think long and hard about what I envision. I recently wrote a post about My Love Affair With Words in which I said that love for me felt like a delightful mix of dedication, commitment, intimacy, fun, play, expansiveness, laughter, loyalty, selflessness, and desire.  

Pulling this all together, I realize that not only have I not fallen in love since I’ve had kids, but I also have not fallen in love since I’ve started writing (I’m not counting technical books). And that latter point might be more significant in some ways, because I’ve been practicing this art of opening a vein so that I can pour something authentic onto the page.

What I believe about love is that it’s in large part showing up on a regular basis to connect in a real way that matters in front of a person who makes that vulnerability worthwhile. Someone for whom I can return that practice by appreciating all of who they are with the most generous, expansive, and deepening insight.

Which is a little like what we do every day when we write and read each other’s writing. So, all you generous readers have helped and continue to help push me forward in more ways that you can know. For that, I send my gratitude and LOVE!

24 thoughts on “Color Me Tickled Pink

  1. I love this Wynne. I believe that you are a loving person. We can see that in how you talk about your children, about the stories you share. You are open to possibilities and can identify love in all sorts of relationships, including from the community here on WP where you have made some friends who love you, and whom you love. You have also demonstrated that in this heartfelt post full of love.

    Thank you for making me part of that by including me ❤️

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    1. Brenda hit the nail on the head (I’m a wee bit embarrassed by the violent metaphors for such a lovely post…)! Yes, the post reflects who you are. Like Paulo Coelho once said: “We don’t need to explain our love. We only need to show it.” You show it. Thank you for that. Thank you for making me, too, part of it 🥰

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      1. Oh, I’m laughing about the violent metaphors. Hee, hee! What a great quote – and what a warm tribe. I’m so grateful you are part of my tribe, EW!! 🙂 ❤ ❤


  2. Just lovely, Wynne (pun intended there too 🙂)! And this! “What I believe about love is that it’s in large part showing up on a regular basis to connect in a real way that matters in front of a person who makes that vulnerability worthwhile.” You’ve so aptly summarized love there for me as well – and it’s wonderful how you’ve tied it in with what happens here. So, so true!

    Thank you also for sharing all of our thoughts from your earlier post. It was loads of fun to read them here, and I suspect it was a subtle way of giving shout-outs, which is just further proof of YOUR loving way that Brenda mentioned. All in all, my feelings after reading your post? Why, I’m tickled pink, of course! 💖

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  3. Love…this post! Yes — what terrific feedback and input you received from readers, Wynne. I second what Brenda said — WP friends full of love and heart…and LA — I see your heart-ful-ness. So good to wake up to on a Monday morning! 💕💕💕

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  4. All these comments nailed it! Love will show up at your door when the time is right and the heart is open. Wynne, we can tell from the way you write about your father, your children, and fellow bloggers that your heart is full of love and capable of such depth of emotion. My boyfriend and I joke that we were both extremely picky–we had identified what we were looking for in a partner, practiced patience, and said “no” a lot so that we would be ready when the right person showed up… and on our first date, we both knew it was right. You’re on the right path, Wynne! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I think you and your partner have an excellent point about knowing what isn’t right. There’s a quote that I can’t pull up right now about when the right person walks in, all of a sudden you understand why none of the others worked out — and isn’t that true?

      Thank you for this lovely comment and your encouragement, Erin!

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  5. Great title and I love that you called out bloggers who have inspired you to be tickled pink. Dare I say I’m tickled pink by this post? And I agree that “love is… in large part showing up on a regular basis” especially in blogland where we meet each based on words and ideas.

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  6. Does anyone remember those little reinforcements that we used to glue onto the hole-punched papers in our 3-ring binders so they wouldn’t tear out? You’re like one of those, Wynne—a reinforcer. You’re the glue that holds it all together. The love enforcer. Every community worth its salt needs one of those, so thanks!

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  7. “What I believe about love is that it’s in large part showing up on a regular basis to connect in a real way that matters in front of a person who makes that vulnerability worthwhile.”

    This is a great reflection on love, Wynne. And you make yourself vulnerable and open with your generosity of words and reflection in your writing.

    I know that special connection with that special individual will happen one day. 🙏😊

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    1. Thanks, Ab! I really appreciate the vote of confidence. I think it’ll happen when the time is right too. Hopefully Miss O won’t get impatient in the meantime. 🙂 I’m so grateful to you, my friend!

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