January’s Greatest Hits

Our new little baby blog has turned one month! What a fun month it has been trying to write and talk our way through our journey to discover what matters most. Of course, this is all possible because of the great group of writers and community that makes this conversation meaningful.

In Case You Missed These Great Posts

Vicki reveals the power of expressive writing in Write It Out

Wynne calls for leaps of faith in Heart Dreams That Call for Big Leaps

Erin finds the silver lining in Picking Apart Life’s Unpleasantries

Brian relays a lesson learned when trapped in Locked Out!

Kendra uncovers the beauty of being seen in The Gift

Endless Weekend has us reprioritizing in How Many #1 Priorities Do You Have?

Libby talks vulnerability in This Is Why I Don’t Date People I Really Like

Deb delivers relational wisdom in How A Shock Wave Becomes a Ripple

Jack unveils his ability to weave Beatles titles, Shakespeare quotes, and semi-colons in It’s Wonderful To Be Here; It’s Certainly a Thrill

More Wonderful Content from the WordPress Community

Maggie finishes out Just Jot It January with a great reflection on writing in Ending on a Serious Note

Brenda shares a beautiful commuting moment in A magical start makes commute more fun

Dr. Stein helps us create space in speech in What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Say

Julia shares a beautiful vision of Teams and Dreams

Ally makes us laugh and also takes a look at the goodness in people In Which I Do NOT Steal a Man’s Identity, But Could Do So Easily

LA discusses the place for obligation in life in Love or Obligation

Sharing the Heart of the Matter Podcast

We also launched a podcast talking about our heart stories. It’s on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Anchor and Pocket Casts. Please search for Sharing the Heart of the Matter on any of those platforms to subscribe.

Episode 1: Why We Are Here – Wynne and Vicki talking about launching a podcast for sharing heart stories and building community

Episode 2: Finding My Father’s Faith – Vicki interviews Wynne about her father and writing a book about him in the months after he died in a cycling accident

Coming Attractions

Kendra publishes her last post before going on hiatus – 2/2

Mountaineering, Martial arts, Overcoming challenges, and Motherhood podcast with the lovely, entertaining, and always hilarious Betsy Kerekes – 2/3

Why Theater Matters podcast with the brilliant, funny, and delightful Jack Canfora – 2/10

*** NOTE: If you haven’t yet listened to Jack’s radio drama in podcast form, Step 9, it’s so worth doing, especially before this great podcast where Jack explains about the “concentrated dose of emotion” we get when we go to (or listen to) the theater. Search New Normal Rep Step 9 wherever you podcast or visit https://tinyurl.com/Step-9-NNR

Flannel & My Father: Memories That Matter podcast with the warm, thoughtful and engaging Brian Hannon – 2/17

26 thoughts on “January’s Greatest Hits

  1. You are so wonderfully inclusive, expansive and supportive of all! It is an honor to discover my name in the line-up of bloggers whose work I enjoy and respect so much! By gosh and by golly, I think you’re really on to something here. 😁

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Wow, hard to believe it’s been a month! And what a month it’s been – packed full of wonderful content. Thank you for this great recap, Wynne! 🀍

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Congrats on a very successful first month, Wynne and Victoria. And the great content and community building you both achieved together. To many more months to come!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thank you, Ab! Your opinion means so much to me — and maybe one of these days we’ll get a guest post from you (when life slows down of course)! Thanks for being such a great part of this community, my dear friend! ❀ ❀ ❀

      Liked by 2 people

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