Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves

If you follow Libby Saylor on Instagram (@thegoddessattainable), you have probably seen the really cool self-portrait series she is working on. She notes that it she’s examining themes of self-worth and self-acceptance and adds, “This process requires that I resist the urge to draw myself as ‘pretty’ or how I want to see myself, but rather how I actually see myself in the moment, and allowing whatever comes through to come through.

Goodness gracious, she is beautiful on the inside and out. And she is so, so brave! She is willing to do the work to look in the mirror and really learn from what she sees. Talking with her for this latest episode podcast just made me braver just by being in the same screen that she was. I love these podcast conversations because I get to learn, laugh, and love with someone I respect.

In this conversation with Libby, where we talk about her post, Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves, we talk about self-compassion, dating and the mirror of love, and healing wounds from our families of origin.

Here are the things I took away from our conversation:

What I learned – Libby’s beautiful perspective about listening to ourselves, “I just want to listen [to myself] with LOVE.”

My favorite phrase from Libby  – “I’d already journaled til my hand was about to fall off”

How I felt after our conversation – hopeful. Libby’s beautiful way of leaning into the mess of ourselves and life is courageous and contagious.

I can’t wait for you to listen.  Join us on your favorite platform or follow this link: Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves to listen on Anchor. You can also find our podcast on Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pocket Casts by searching for Sharing the Heart of the Matter.  Please subscribe!

Then I hope you’ll come back here and share the take-away gems that you glean!

Link to Podcast Episode 6: Really Listen To The Way We Talk To Ourselves

Check out Libby’s bio on Our Team page. And follow her on Instagram @thegoddessattainable

13 thoughts on “Episode 6: Really Listen to the Way We Talk To Ourselves

  1. Food for the soul, you two! And Wynne…your question about ‘scripting the next year’…if we could do it…would we do it…whoa. I’ll be thinking about that for a while. Thank you both! 🥰

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  2. Total honesty here: I remember reading Libby’s post and thinking how open she was but also how little I could relate because I’m not dating and have no interest in dating. Today, as you and she started talking here, and you started asking questions Wynne, I saw myself. I saw my relationship (at least from my perspective) with my ex husband- the dreamboat. I saw all of the things I would fret over, saw all the ways in which I put myself last and him first. I saw the fear that I wasn’t ever going to be enough. I saw all the ways I changed. Then Libby talked about her gratitude for his presence and her ultimate vision to be able to say NO to a dreamboat, to acknowledge that he, or what he represents was not the right choice. Using the word “empowering” hit home. It took me 34 years but the day came that I said my own no and took back what I had lost of myself. Libby–you can and will find your goddess. I believe she’s waiting with open arms…

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    1. Wow – that is such an interesting perspective, Deb. I love your use of the word empowerment – and that you took back what you’d lost. And of course, what a sweet affirmation about Libby’s path! Thank you so much for listening! 🙂 ❤

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  3. Wow, great job both of you. Loved the podcast. I skipped listening to a training I was supposed to view today to listen to the podcast. Much preferred this one and probably learned more about myself too! (Yes, I’ll go back and watch the training, but this one was too enticing.) I love the focus on self compassion and grace Libby. Such an important topic for so many people. I definitely need to focus more on it. Love Wynne how you phrased it, “leaning into the mess of ourselves.” I’m going to have to try recording myself some time. I’m a little scared what I might find. Ha, ha. Thanks for the great ideas!

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